12 Super Bowl Snacks to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

January 22, 2015

There are three things you can always count on for Super Bowl Sunday (which is less than two weeks away, by the way): crazy hilarious commercials (advertisers have to shell out the big bucks for 30 seconds of glory during the game, and they definitely make it worth our while), an epic half-time show (this year it's Katy Perry!), and, perhaps best of all, the traditional Super Bowl fare of wings, pizza, beer, and a plethora of other diet-derailing bites. For a killer dessert table at this year's Super Bowl party, try a few of these game day-approved treats. 

Turn savory snacks, like pizza and nachos, into dessert!

Homemade or purchased, no dessert table is complete without baked goodies.

And whenever possible, incorporate the football theme.  


  1. Frozen balls...I mean, FROZEN FOOTBALLS are the best! Yummy! Love these ideas. It actually makes me want to host a party :0

    1. You should totally host a party! It's easier than you think.


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