Friday Favorites

January 16, 2015

So some pretty fabulous things happened this week. First, and definitely the highlight, my daughter was selected as Student of the Month, and I, obviously, could not be more proud. She's also been devouring books, trying to read everything (even street signs), and requesting I read six or seven books at a time. I'm seriously just smitten with her, and am so happy that she loves reading as much as her momma! And on another, less fabulous but still pretty cool note, I've already gotten used to writing '2015' instead of  '2014,' which has got to be some kind of record considering we're only sixteen days in. How was your week? I hope you have an amazing weekend. God bless!

The cutest mini tacos that are actually Oreos. 

Tips for shopping the Rose Bowl Flea Market

Carrie Bradshaw's fifty best looks. (Here are my favorites, by the way)

A fiesta safari party that looks too adorable. 

This gorgeous cake.


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    1. Woot woot!! She asked if I was gonna cry happy tears; she knows me so well!


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