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January 9, 2015

It's been a rather emotional first week of the year. Besides my little girl going back to school after having her home with me for two weeks, her fish died, and there is nothing worse than telling a heartbroken five-year old that, no, her fish isn't coming back (and then telling her again several more times). And of course the brutal attacks that took place in Paris; it's hard to wrap my mind around such senseless violence (not that violence ever actually makes sense). My heart breaks for the families of the victims, for their friends, colleagues. Most of all, I'm sad for the intent behind this gruesome act--to replace freedom with fear. I pray you have a peaceful weekend. God bless!

The cutest little cake stands ever.

A sketch from Banksy in response to the devastating shootings in Paris.

Ballerinas dancing on rooftops; a reminder of what a beautiful place Paris will always be, no matter what.

DIY gem magnets for Valentine's Day.

Fascinating places to visit one day.

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